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Health Packages


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RBC Count
WBC Count
Platelet Count
CT Scan-Brain and Sinuses
Thyroid Scan & Thyroid Function Tests
X ray Chest
Pulmonary Function Tests
Blood Urea
Serum Creatinine
Liver Function Tests
USG- Liver and Gall Bladder
2D Echo/ Stress Test
Blood Pressure
Lipid Profile
CT Calcium Score
Cardiac CT-Coronary Angiography
CT Scanogram of Whole Spine
Far and Near Vision
Detection of Colour Blindness
B Scan
USG Abdomen
PAP Smear(F)
USG Pelvis
Serum PSA
Glycosylated Haemoglobin
Arterial Health Package
Whole Body MRI Screening
Gynaecologist Consultation/Physician Consultation


Instructions :
  1. All patients undergoing health checkups are advised to come fasting for atleast 12 hours. In case you are a diabetic please call us for details.
  2. Kindly bring all your earlier medical reports/scans/ current medicines, if available.
  3. Person undergoing Whole Body Health Programme & 15 Point health Programme-are advised the following:
    • On the day of procedure, refrain from any exercise prior to the examination.
    • You must not eat for 12 hours prior to the procedure. You may drink water if necessary.
    • Refrain from any caffeine for 12 hours (coffee, tea, sodas, etc.) before the procedure.
    • Refrain from any nicotine and alcohol consumption for 12 hours before the procedure.
    • Refrain from any stimulant medications for 12 hours (decongestants, antihistamines, etc.)
  4. Please be prepared to be at the centre for atleast 3 to 4 hours for the entire process. This allows us time to review your paperwork; start the IV, collection of blood samples, examination and detailed clinical history and possibly administer medication.
  5. Tests in the health check up are conducted as a screening procedure for early detection.
  6. The health programme is non-transferable and cannot be split between two or more people.
  7. Some tests may not be conducted if the person undergoing the tests, reports with any contra indications (medical or otherwise).
  8. Cardiac CT scan will be aborted if the beneficiary does not have stable pulse rate / breath hold for 20 seconds/ raised serum creatinine level/ very high calcium score /any other contra indications.
  9. Check up will not be done for pregnant women /nursing mothers.
  10. Vision Check (far, near & colour) tests is for screening purposes only & not a diagnosis. For a diagnosis, patients should see your vision care professional and be given a complete test under controlled testing conditions and proper lighting.
  11. If certain tests cannot be performed due to technical or other failure, the person will be given another appointment to complete the tests.
  12. If the test fails to generate reports due to error of the person undergoing the test like movement/improper breath hold, then the test will not be repeated.
  13. MRI checkup will not be done for person with implanted cardiac pacemakers.
  14. MRI contrast if indicated after the MRI scan, will incur additional charge and is not included in this package.
  15. Whole Body MRI does not include Breast MRI in females.
  16. Specialist consultation may or may not include treatment prescriptions for pre-existing illness or newly diagnosed diseases. However guidance & further course of action may be suggested by us.
  17. Radiance Diagnostics reserves the right to add or modify or delete any aspect of the terms & conditions at any time at its sole discretion.