10 point health programme (60+ tests)

    1. General Status and Well Being
      Haemoglobin, RBC Count, WBC Count, DC, Platelet Count, ESR, BMI.
    2. Thyroid Status
      Thyroid Scan
    3. Chest and Lung Function
      X ray Chest, Pulmonary Function Tests
    4. Heart Status and Function
      2D Echo, X-ray Chest, ECG, Pulse, Blood Pressure, Lipid Profile
    5. Eye Check
      Far and Near Vision, Detection of Colour Blindness, B Scan
    6. Abdominal Check Up & Status
      USG Whole Abdomen, Liver Function Tests, Blood Urea, Serum Creatinine, Urine- Routine & Microscopy
    7. Female Cancer Screening
      (a)PAP Smear (b) USG Pelvis (c)Sonomammography
      Male Cancer Screening
      (a) Serum PSA (b)USG Pelvis
    8. Diabetes Evaluation
      (a) FBSL (b) PPBSL (c) Glycosylated Haemoglobin
    9. Arterial Health Package
    10. Gynaecologist Consultation/Physician Consultation

Doctor’s Counselling-Pre and Post Checkup

What more?

Radiance Wellness Card for all those availing our Health Programmes.

    • 50% flat concession on MRI /CT / USG / X-ray for a period of one year and 15% concession in the subsequent years.
    • Free OPD consultations.
    • Special discounts on hospitalization and treatment charges.
    • 20% flat discounts on laboratory investigations.
    • 24hrs service with no extra cost.
    • 15% flat concession on MRI /CT / USG / X-ray for card holder’s family members.

*conditions apply