5 point health programme (40+ tests)

    1. General Status and Well Being
      Haemoglobin, RBC Count, WBC Count, DC, Platelet Count, ESR, BMI.
    2. Diabetes Evaluation
      (a) FBSL (b) PPBSL 9c) Glycosylated Haemoglobin
    3. Chest & Heart Status
      2D Echo, X-ray Chest, ECG, Pulse, Blood Pressure, Lipid Profile
    4. Abdominal Check Up
      USG Whole Abdomen, Liver Function Tests, Blood Urea, Serum Creatinine, Urine- Routine & Microscopy
    5. Others
      (a)Eye Check- Far and Near Vision, Detection of Colour Blindness, B Scan (b)Arterial Health Package(Males), Sonomammography (Females)

Doctor’s Counselling-Pre and Post Checkup

What more?

Radiance Wellness Card for all those availing our Health Programmes.

    • 15% flat concession on MRI/CT/USG/X
    • 24hrs service with no extra cost.
    • 10% flat concession on MRI/CT/USG/X-ray for card holder’s family members

*conditions apply