Ameloblastoma Of The Maxilla – A Case Report

Relevant History: 37 year old female patient reported with complaint of a painless swelling on left half of palate which gradually increased over a period of 5 months. There was no rhinorrhea, nasal obstruction, or other antronasal or ophthalmic abnormality. No H/O trauma to the site. On examination a solitary expansile well defined swelling was noted involving left hard palate. There was no evidence of any extraoral swelling.

Cone Beam CT (CBCT) Observations Evidence of complete opacification of left maxillary sinus with a massive well defined lesion invading the alveolar bone between # 25 26 27 28 and the entire left maxillary sinus. The lesion measures supero-inferiorly 34.85 mms, antero-posteriorly 31.9 mms and bucco-palatally 19.6 mms. Evidence of expansion and perforation of the palatal cortex of alveolar bone with mild expansion and thinning of the buccal cortical plate. Resorption of the apical end of the roots of # 26 27 and displacement of the roots of #27 and 28 with thinning and expansion of sinus walls and perforation of the floor of sinus suggesting a lytic nature. Internal structure is uniformly homogenous and more radio-opaque (of soft tissue density) compared to the right sinus air cavity with no internal septae. No evidence of impacted or missing tooth. The right maxillary sinus is clear. The lower left concha of the nose was not penetrated in any position.