Other Services

Instructions :

    1. MRI checkup will not be done for person with implanted cardiac pacemakers except for MRI compatible implants/pacemakers.
    2. If you are pregnant or think that you could be pregnant, you must notify your physician and the radiologist or the MRI technologist at the MRI centre prior to the MRI procedure.
    3. In case of CT Scan the risk is greatest to those who are pregnant, as radiation exposure can cause harm to the fetus, and therefore CT scans are contraindicated in pregnant women, unless the benefits of performing the scan far outweigh the risks.
    4. Please get all the old x-rays,sonography, CT & MR films along with the other papers,operative notes,discharge card etc relevant to the case.
    5. For some MRI/CT studies, a contrast agent may be injected into a vein to help obtain a clearer picture of the area being examined for which 4-6 hours fasting is required.