Liver Fibroscan

Liver Fibroscan is an advanced, novel technology which not only detects early liver disease but also determines the extent of it thereby reducing the need of invasive procedure like biopsy. The stage of liver fibrosis or damage can thus be assessed in QUICK , PAINLESS and LESS EXPENSIVE way.This makes it modality of choice for identifying early liver damage in high risks subjects i.e. those suffering from Hepatitis C and B, fatty liver  disease and  alcoholism , who otherwise look healthy. Another benefit is that it can be repeated number of times for monitoring and progression of the liver damage during treatment course.

How it works ?

This imaging technique measures the elasticity (stiffness) of the liver tissue painlessly using the ultrasound (mechanical waves). The speed of the ultrasound waves through the liver tissue provides data about the condition and stiffness of the liver and thus indicate diseased liver.

Instruction to the patient

Prior to starting the procedure, the patient will usually be given a hospital gown to wear. The person undergoing this procedure should come overnight fasting and a non fatty meal for 24hours.

When it is used

Liver Fibroscan is used to investigate disease in the liver. Liver stiffness is usually indicative of fibrosis or steatosis, which are in turn indicative of numerous disease conditions, including cirrhosis and hepatitis.