Parkinson’s Disease (PD) – A Case Report

Clinical History: A 72 years old male presented with over few months history of: Lateral bending of the trunk, decreased facial expression, depression, sleep and gait disturbances.

Imaging Findings: Plain MRI findings revealed:

  • Reduction in the volume of both putamina, more on left side. Linear slit-like T2 hyperintensity was seen in lateral part of both putamina which show increased ADC values. ( fig 1)
  • Low signal intensity was noted in both globus pallidi on GRE suggestive of iron deposition. (fig 2).
  • Absence/ severe thinning of pars compacta on T2W axial images noted bilaterally.(fig 3b)
  • There was no evidence of abnormal signal intensity in the pontine fibres. No atrophy of brainstem was seen.

Final Diagnosis: Parkinson’s Disease (PD)