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1.5 T MRI

      1. Whole Body MRI :– Whole-body screening is a one-stop shop for painlessly detecting hidden cancer and preventing cancer-related deaths. It is a preventive health check up package offering head to toe imaging.
      2. Women’s health imaging :–
        1. Breast MRI using dedicated breast coils for detection of tumors and other diseases in breast-The ONLY centre in Goa to provide this scan. This technique is especially applicable in:
            • Women with dense breasts.
            • Patients with breast implants.
            • Tumors not detected on mammography and ultrasound.
            • Screening and early detection of breast pathology without use of ionising radiation.
        2. Pelvic MRI for uterus related pathology , such as fibroids , polyps and cancers.
      3. Brain and Spine Imaging :- for slipped discs, and other head and spine related problems. Diagnosing stroke in the earlier stages, to prevent further complications.
      4. Joint and soft tissue imaging :- for Cartilage and ligament injury,soft tissue tumors.
      5. MRCP :- for diseases of hepatobiliary and pancreatic systems, including the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, pancreas and pancreatic duct
      6. Pelvic imaging :- for bladder cancer, prostate cancer, fistula in ano, uterine fibroids and other pelvic pathology.
      7. Abdomen imaging :- liver, kidney, spleen and GIT related abnormalities.
      8. Vascular imaging :- blockage in blood vessels, aneurysms etc.
      9. Chest MRI :- for mediastinal pathology and lung cancers.
      10. Neck MRI :- for thyroid, throat cancers and neck related pathology.
      11. Specialised MRI Studies :- Multivoxel spectroscopy, MR Angiography studies , MR perfusion , Diffusion tensor imaging etc.

Super CT Scan 

      1. Whole body CT scan :- head to toe imaging for early detection of diseases and staging in case of malignancies and other related pathology.
      2. CT guided procedures :- FNAC, BIOPSY etc. Minimal invasive procedures that are done under the guidance of CT scan / USG to precisely take a sample of abnormal mass/lump from the body. This sample is sent to histopathology for accurate diagnosis of the mass/lump.

Ultrasonography and Color Doppler

      1. Color Doppler :- for DVT, Varicose veins, Scrotal Doppler, Peripheral arteries, Carotids, A-V fistulas, Obstretics Doppler etc.
      2. 3D/4D Ultrasound :-
        1. Abdoment & Pelvis USG :- This helps to determine the abnormal condition of abdominal organs and detect stones and inflammation of the liver, gall bladder, spleen, pancreas and kidneys.
        2. B Scan/Ocular USG :- A Diagnostic B-scan is an important ultrasound diagnostic test in the evaluation of the inside of the eye for diabetes, and a variety of other eye disorders.
        3. Thyroid Ultrasound :- of the thyroid gland to determine presence of nodule or any other abnormality in the gland.
        4. Transvaginal Sonography (TVS) :- Transvaginal ultrasound is a test used to look at a woman’s reproductive organs, including the uterus, ovaries, and cervix. Transvaginal means across or through the vagina.
        5. Scrotal Ultrasound /Doppler :- is an imaging test that examines the testicles and other parts inside the scrotum. it helps in detecting testicle tumours, varicoceles, hydroceles etc.
        6. Obstetrics ultrasound :- oppurtunity for expecting mothers and fathers to bond with their baby prior to delivery. Our state-of-the-art 4D ultrasound system combines 3D imagery with enhanced physical effects that enable you to see your baby’s movements as they happen.
      3. Breast Ultrasonography with Elastography :- The ONLY centre in Goa to provide this state of art technology. Elastography is an effective, convenient technique that, when added to breast ultrasound, helps distinguish cancerous breast lesions from non cancerous, benign results.
      4. Arterial Health Package :- It is an advanced quantification application to assess the age of your arteries in relation to your biological age and evaluates cardiovascular risk.

Liver Elastography

Liver Elastography is an advanced, novel technology which not only detects early liver disease but also determines the extent of it thereby reducing the need of invasive procedure like biopsy. The stage of liver fibrosis or damage can thus be assessed in QUICK, PAINLESS and LESS EXPENSIVE way.This makes it modality of choice for identifying early liver damage in high risks subjects i.e. those suffering from Hepatitis C and B, fatty liver  disease and  alcoholism, who otherwise look healthy. Another benefit is that it can be repeated number of times for monitoring and progression of the liver damage during treatment course.

More Services

2D Echocardiography

Enables the internal structural visualization of our heart. It studies the condition of valves, the four chambers of heart (atria and ventricles), cardiac capacity during the contraction and relaxation, cardiac defects from birth (congenital) like ASD, VSD etc.

Digital Xray

Lab investigation/Pathology

This includes a set of tests that will detect any disturbance in internal functioning of your body.These tests are helpful in providing valuable information about the state of your health.