Goa’s first and only 1.5 Tesla Super MRI with 96 channels and advanced 4G TIM Coils which is synonymous with high performance MRI, redefining the limits of what is possible in diagnostic imaging. The result is superfast, comfortable scans with image quality and reporting of highest standards.
“MR imaging is to be seen, not heard.” With our region’s first Super Quiet MRI, there is now reduction in sound pressure upto 97% for complete, quiet and comfortable scans in a great ambience.

      1. Body Imaging: Radiance Diagnostics has installed whole body MRI scanners at Dona Paula and Margao. Now in just 30 minutes one can painlessly get completely screened from head to toe. Whole body MRI Scan can evaluate all organs in the body including head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, musculoskeleton and whole spine and can detect any abnormal pathology like cancers, slip disc, and other diseases. It is completely safe with zero exposure to radiation.
        1. Few exclusive MRI studies available with us:
            1. RESOLVE: Outstanding diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI): RESOLVE is a specialised diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) technique that delivers sharp images at higher spatial resolution. RESOLVE is especially attractive for the evaluation of smaller lesions in a wide range of examinations.
            2. CAIPIRINHA: High-resolution 3D imaging with reduced breath-hold times: CAIPIRINHA (Controlled Aliasing in Parallel Imaging Results in Higher Acceleration) is a data acquisition technique that reduces breath-hold times during scanning of Abdomen and delivers high-resolution 3D data, thereby improving patient comfort.
            3. MRCP for diseases of hepatobiliary and pancreatic systems, including the liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, pancreas and pancreatic duct.
            4. Submillimetric Imaging -3D SPACE: It helps visualise minute lesions with 3D scanning.
      2. Breast Imaging: BREAST MRI – We are the only centre in Goa performing Breast MRI using dedicated Breast Coil for detection of tumour and any other disease. This technique is specially used to detect disease in women with dense breast and implants.
      3. Neuro Imaging:
        1. Slip disc and other spine related problem like fracture, tumours etc.
        2. Brain related problems like early detection of stroke, neurodegenerative diseases, tumours etc.
      4. Sports & Musculoskeletal Imaging for soft tissue tumours and injuries related to trauma or sports.
        1. MR cartilage mapping assess the structure of knee cartilage.
        2. Advanced Metal Artefact Reduction Technique – SEMAC : An another innovative technique from Germany, which addresses the problems associated with metal artefacts in MRI in patients with metal implants, thereby providing clearer scan images.
      5. Onco Imaging
      6. Pediatric Imaging – Kids are different from adults, and our pediatric radiology specialists know how these differences impact their care. Our team includes diagnostic radiologists with the highest level of training in their fields, as well as experienced paediatric technologists who employ advanced technology and child-friendly methods to assess all types of conditions.
      7. Genito-Urinary Imaging
      8. Imaging for Infertility
      9. Cardiac Imaging
      10. Fetal Imaging
      11. Angiography, including “No dye MRI Angiography” wherein the vascular structures are evaluated without injection of dye.


    1. A CT scan with capabilities of acquiring images at super speed completing the scan in few seconds that too using minimal radiation.
    2. Head to toe imaging for early detection of diseases or abnormalities and staging in case of cancers.
    3. Key Features:
        1. Wide Bore Scanner ensures maximum comfort.
        2. Low Dose CT Scan imaging improves safety and patient’s compliance. Low dose lung has its wide application, like in cases of Covid, wherein multiple scanning is required to assess the severity of disease at different stages.
        3. Lung Cad for nodule assessment in lungs.
        4. Submillimetric scanning technique detects minute pathology.
        5. Dual Energy imaging for renal stones help characterise the composition of the stone thereby helping the clinicians in the treatment process.
        6. CT Neuro DSA is a dedicated post processing applications which allows removal of bone structure from CT angiography and improves visualisation of blood vessels in the brain.


The State of the Art and technologically advanced machines ensure crystal clear image quality and high definition visualisation of body organs, thereby improving diagnostic confidence.

      1. Color Doppler:- for DVT, varicose veins, arterial disease, A-V fistulas and Scrotal Doppler, Obstretics Doppler etc.
      2. 3D/4D Ultrasound:-
        1. Abdomen & Pelvis USG :- This helps to determine the abnormal condition of abdominal organs and detect stones, inflammation or any disease in the Liver, Gall Bladder, Spleen, Pancreas and Kidneys.
        2. B Scan/ Ocular USG :-  A Diagnostic B-Scan is an important ultrasound diagnostic test in the evaluation of the inside of the eye for patients with diabetes and also in variety of other eye disorders.
        3. Thyroid Ultrasound :-  Determines presence of nodule or any other abnormality in the gland.
        4. Transvaginal Sonography (TVS):- Transvaginal Ultrasound is a test used to look at a woman’s reproductive organs, including the uterus, ovaries, and cervix. Transvaginal means across or through the vagina.
        5. Scrotal Ultrasound / Doppler :- is an imaging test that examines the testicles and other parts inside the scrotum. It helps in detecting testicle tumours, varicoceles, hydroceles etc.
        6. Obstetrics Ultrasound :- To detect abnormalities in the fetus before its birth. Its also a great opportunity for expecting mothers and fathers to bond with their baby prior to delivery. Our State-Of-The-Art 4D Ultrasound system combines 3D imagery with enhanced physical effects that enable you to see your baby and its  movements as they happen.
      3. Breast Ultrasonography with Elastography:- The ONLY centre in Goa to provide this state of art technology. Elastography is an effective, convenient technique that, when added to breast ultrasound, helps distinguish cancerous breast lesions from non cancerous benign results.
      4. Arterial Health Package :- It is an advanced quantification application to assess the age of  your arteries in relation to your biological age and evaluates cardiovascular risk.


Liver Fibroscan is also known as Liver Elastography. Liver Fibroscan is an advanced and novel technology which not only detects early liver disease but also determines the extent of it thereby reducing the need of invasive procedure like biopsy. The stage of liver fibrosis or damage can thus be assessed in QUICK, PAINLESS and LESS EXPENSIVE way. This makes it modality of choice for identifying early liver damage in high risks subjects i.e. those suffering from Hepatitis C and B, fatty liver disease and alcoholism, who otherwise look healthy. Another benefit is that it can be repeated number of times for monitoring and progression of the liver damage during treatment course with absolute zero side effects.


Enables the internal structural visualization of the heart. It studies the condition of valves, the four chambers of heart (atria and ventricles), cardiac capacity during the contraction and relaxation, cardiac defects from birth (congenital) like ASD, VSD etc.


High frequency digital X-Ray ensures fast exam times and produces superior image quality while using 40% less dose.


Mammography is a process of using low energy X-rays to examine the human breast for diagnosis & screening. The goal of mammography is early detection of breast diseases especially breast cancer, sometimes upto 2-3 years before it can be felt. The American cancer society recommends woman to start getting mammography done at the age of 40 & repeat every 1 or 2 years. The women with high risk of breast cancer can get the screening done before 40, especially when she has a family history of breast cancer.

Our innovative Digital Mammography system and reporting standards provides highest depth of diagnostic accuracy and enables comfortable breast exams from screening, diagnostics to followup.


Add Orthopantogram (Digital OPG) is a panoramic digital X-rays of upper & lower jaws including the teeth. It demonstrates the condition of teeth and also reveals the problems with the jaw bone and TM joint.


This includes a set of tests that will detect any disturbance in internal functioning of your body. Histopathology is “the study of diseased cells and tissues using a microscope. These tests are   helpful in providing valuable information about the state of your health and prognosis of the treatment process.