Intraparotid A-V Malformation – A Case Report

Clinical History: A 3 months old child presented with history of swelling in the right parotid region. The swelling was noticed few weeks after the birth of the child. There was progressive increase in the size of the lesion. No ulceration or discoloration of the skin was seen.

Imaging Findings: Patient referred for Plain MR imaging.

Plain MRI Findings revealed:

  • The superficial as well as deep lobe of the right parotid gland appeared enlarged in size and showed altered signal intensity, appearing hyperintense on T2WI and isointense on T1WI.
  • No calcification was detected on GRE sequences.
  • Numerous intra-parotid flow voids were noted suggestive of vessels within the gland.
  • A large feeding artery was seen arising from the right external carotid artery.
  • And few of the intra-parotid vessels were seen to empty into the right jugular vein.
  • No phleboliths were seen in the parenchyma of the gland.
  • The visualised bones and the overlying skin appeared normal.

Final Diagnosis: Intraparotid A-V Malformation.