Osteochondral Lesion of Tibial Plafond- A Case Report

Osteochondral lesions in the ankle accounts for approximately 4% of all osteochondral lesions. Most osteochondral lesion in the ankle is found in the talar dome. Osteochondral lesions of the tibial plafond is rarely described, hence this case presentation.

Clinical History:
A 23 years old male presented with over 3 months history of:

    1. Pain in the ankle joint
    2. Antecedent trauma while playing football is noted.
    3. No swelling seen.
    4. X-Ray Ankle reported normal.

Imaging Findings:
Patient referred for plain MR Imaging.

Findings revealed:
An osteochondral defect in the postero-medial part of the articular surface of lower end of tibia measuring 0.5cm in antero-posterior extent on sagittal images and 0.5cm in width on coronal images. Marrow edema was seen in the tibia surrounding the defect.
Marrow edema was also seen in the neck of talus, extending for a length of 1.5cm. The talar and calcaneal articular margins appeared normal.

Final Diagnosis: Osteochondral lesion of the tibial plafond.

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