Primary Intraventricular Hemorrhage in an Adult: Role of Susceptibility Weighted Imaging (Swi) in Mri.

Clinical History: A 63 years old male presented with history of sudden onset of giddiness and fall. No h/o past vascular insult/stroke. No history of trauma. No history of hypertension. Neurologic examination did not show any focal signs. Blood pressure was high only at the time of presentation. Neurologic examination did not show any focal signs.

Imaging Findings: A CT scan performed showed intraventricular hemorrhage without an evident bleeding source. A MRI was done subsequently which revealed blood in the occipital horns. No other abnormality was evident on routine MR sequences. No obvious arterio-venous malformation was noted on angiography study. Susceptibility Weighted Images were obtained. A small microbleed was detected in the right choroid plexus on the filtered phase images. This was responsible for the intraventricular bleed.

Final Diagnosis: Primary intraventricular hemorrhage caused by choroid plexus bleed.

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